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Subsystem : filter module.

Total Quality
[TQ= 0.25*ARCH + 0.25*DES + 0.25*CODE + 0.25*TS]


Unit Test Suite
[TS= 0.5*TSC + 0.5*TMR]


Statement Test Coverage
[TSC= source-statements-covered÷ncss]


Method Test Reference
[TMR= methods-referenced÷npm]


[ARCH= 0.4*MOD + 0.6*COH]


[MOD= 1 - (count_packages(not(illegal-dependencies=0))÷total_packages)]


[COH= 1 - (count_packages(cycles=true)÷total_packages)]


[DES= 0.20*NOM + 0.30*RFC + 0.30*CBO + 0.20*DIT]


Number of Methods
[NOM=  count_classes(wmc<20) ÷total-classes]


Response for Class
[RFC=  count_classes(rfc<50) ÷total-classes]


Coupling Between Objects
[CBO=  count_classes(cbo<5) ÷total-classes]


Depth of Inheritance Tree
[DIT=  count_classes(dit<5) ÷total-classes]


Code Quality
[CODE= 0.15*DOC + 0.4*DRY + 0.3*FRE + 0.15*STY]


[DOC= javadocs÷(functions + analysed-classes)]


[DRY= 1 - (classes-with-duplications÷analysed-classes)]


[FRE= 1 - (classes-with-code-violations÷analysed-classes)]


[STY= 1 - (classes-with-style-errors÷analysed-classes)]



Subsystem Dependenciesapi module.client module.codec module.common module.config module.configuration module.dtx module.extras module.filter module.framing module.interop module.jms module.jndi module.naming module.nclient module.njms module.oldtopic module.plugins module.pool module.protocol module.qman module.requestreply module.sasl module.server module.ssl module.sustained module.test module.testkit module.thread module.topic module.transport module.url module.util module.External Packages

Design Metrics

Package DesignDistanceEfferent CouplingsAfferent CouplingsCyclesIllegal depLegal depMethods per Class [WMC]Depth of inheritance tree [DIT]Number of Children [NOC]Efferent Class Couplings [CBO/Ce]Afferent Class Couplings [Ca]Response for a Class [RFC]Lack of Cohesion [LCOM]

System API Metrics

System APITotal API PackagesTotal API ClassesTotal API MethodsSource StatementsImport CouplingsExport Couplings

Code Metrics

Code MetricsTotal ClassesBC ClassesSource StatementsCyclomatic ComplexityCmplx. per Stmnt.Cmplx. per Meth.Violations/ Source Stmts.Style errors/ Source Stmts.Duplicated Tokens / Source Stmts.

Test Metrics

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Source Control Metrics

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