XRadar changelog

Release History

Version Date Description
1.1.2 16-12-2009 maintenance release
1.1.1 23-11-2009 maintenance release
1.1 11-07-2009 main release

Release 1.1.2 - 16-12-2009

Type Changes By
remove Disabled depfind by default in the testproject. Depfind project seems dead and, when running XRadar on JDK5, it leads to crash the build. If you are running XRadar with JDK6, you can safely use it however (as the XML Catalog works fine with JDK6).
add Add a new property 'findbugs.auxclasspath' to allow configuration of the findbugs Auxclasspath when using the tools.xml script provided by XRadar.
fix Fixing issues on Windows 7.

Release 1.1.1 - 23-11-2009

Type Changes By
fix On windows system, using XRadar with absolute filepath, instead of relative ones, was buggy. Now, when running on Windows, XRadar rewrites properly any path that start with a driver name to get a regular absolute file. This obviously forces to run XRadar on the same driver as the project analysed.
add Added support to customize XRadar's website: - One can now set each color for OK, WARN, and KO level of the website - One can also choose the links color - and also pick a logo to replace XRadar's one for better integration into an existing website. Also note that this also lead to split Statics into 2 classes, and create a new package level called 'renderers'.
add With the help of Sylvain Christophari, the results API now an XML configuration file to declare set of 'out of the box' predefined rules for XRadar user. Also note that, this files is searched inside the JVM classpath and is therefore easy overridable by your own.
fix Fixed bug "ERROR when the project is too heavy - 2841867" Adding path to radar-config in the merge process to allow depfind merge to execute without any warning due to empty XPath expression. Thanks to Sebastien Reynaud for spotting this.
fix Fixing a glitch in the audit.xml Ant's script that led to invalid between java2html directory and the xradar's main site.
fix Fixing a pair of invalid links on XRadar website (thanks to a report from Thomas Poindessous)
fix Adding support for customize javadoc memory settigs (Fixed bug 2816609)
fix Fixed bug "ERROR in the packageListFrame in the dynamics report - 2831341"
fix Adding a new XRadarCatalogResolver that inherits CatalogResolver from Apache but transform hard drive letter-prefixed Windows path into regular file URL (Thanks to pfouquet). (Fixed bug 2828880)
FileUtils.checkResultFile signature changed to FileUtils.checkFileNotEmpty
add Added a META-INF/logging.properties file to the jar distribution. This file will define xradar's logging default behaviour.

Release 1.1 - 11-07-2009

Type Changes By
fix Bug fixes : fixed a bug with svg line graph
fix Bug fixes : fixed a little bug with some html links
fix Bug fixes : fixed bug [1381350] Clickable SVG graphs
fix Bug fixes : fixed bug [1987656] wrong dependancy count
fix Bug fixes : fixed bug [1944760] "Wrong Links" : link between dynamic and static
fix Bug fixes : fixed bug [2111937] Enconding Problem (MalformedByteSequenceException)
fix Bug fixes : fixed bug [1819467] Can't work offline, because of depfind dtd (this also fixes some other bug issues related to unresolved DTD)
remove Bug fixes : removed usage of doc-home xsl-param and use relatives URL
fix Bug fixes : tweak 'htmlcode'configuration to work with relative path rather than absolute one
remove Bug fixes : remove useless links to statics in dynamics site. This (small) feature has been broken by my major refactoring, so for now, no more switch between the two analysis.
update Exceptions refactoring : wrapped most of the Exception into XRadarException
update Exceptions refactoring : better layered and separeted exceptions handling
add Exceptions refactoring : added a set of added library wrapping common I/O method and exceptions
add Exceptions refactoring : addinged a new constructor to XRadarException that simply wraps the original exception. Not really a fan of this one, but sometimes it has to be used...
update Design : refactor xradar to use FileInputStream rather than String to handle most of its data. This should reduce (a lot) memory consumption and allow XRadar to run smoothly on large project.
update Design : reduced complexity and coupling by adding a new class between AbstractProcess and StaticTask : MergeReportEngine.
update XML Catalog : refactor XRadar to use an XML Catalog to resolve unreachable URLs All XSLT transformation now uses an xml catalog to rewrite DTD URI. As the new URI are using xradar:// protocole, the new DTD are simply shipped with XRadar. It's a bug fix and it also quite convenient as we know is using the dtd we intend it to use, not some new DTD it may download when running an analysis.. Uses (and requires) the Ant implementation of XML Catalog.
update Misc : restructuring the offline parameter to use only one boolean, which is both more understandable and efficient
update No more dependancy toward JDepend : jdepend hack have been backported to XRadar Core.
update Documentation : move most of troubleshooting and dynamic information to the wiki
add Documentation : added missing documentation on XRadar task.
remove Documentation : deleted a lot of 'deprecated' pages
update Documentation : refactor the website directory layout
update Documentation : added proper maven2-plugin documentation
add Brand new features : ResultsAnalyser. Using a simple Java API or an AntTask you can browser the results generated by XRadar and trigger an alert if you don't like what you find.
add Command line interface : To ease XRadar unit testing, added an command line interface
add Tools integration : adding 'unless' attribute to each tool task to allow user to disabled any of them easily
add Tools integration : adding handy shell script to generate a default subsystems layout
add Tools integration : adding support to custom memory setting to findbugs memory usage
add Tools integration : added support for Emma as a coverage tool report for XRadar.
add Tools integration : adding support for Cloc in tools, in a rather crossplateform way. Didn't try it on windows, but should work provided the command 'perl' does exists. As Cloc requires perl it is to be sure that it will work in most case. Therefore, unless an appropriate property -Dcloc.enabled is passed, cloc is disabled.
add Tools integration : added support for findbugs
add Tools integration : added new javancss (wich support Java5 semantics)
add Tools integration : added an abstract class for any XRadar task that will provide support for the online attribute. (a little bit cleaner this way).
add Tools integration : added a new test project using code source from the apache qpid project and do a raw analysis of it. The analysis itself is not relevant, it is just a way to assert XRadar proper behavior on large project.
update Tools integration : renaming javadoc-root variable to more consistent with other parameters
update Tools integration : updated Checkstyle to 4.4
update Tools integration : updated Ckjm to 1.9
update Tools integration : updated BCEL to 5.2
update Tools integration : udated Xalan/Xerces to 2.7.1
update Tools integration : externalising PMD and Checkstyle configuration in the audit mode
remove Tools integration : removing tasks related to JCoverage
remove Code cleaning : removing old hack to PMD, that now became useless
update Code cleaning : reorganized a little bit the testproject's build file, rearrange a little the unit test and coverage part to improve build.xml lisibility.
update Code cleaning : adapted classes to use newly created classes URLs,StreamUtils and FileUtils instead of the old (and refactored away) methods from AbstractProcess